Featured Alumnus: Kenji Enos



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Kenji Enos on Behance

I like to collect beautiful and weird things that surround me, and then figure out why I kept it in the first place. Don’t be afraid of taking chances in design, within reason of course. Design is everything whether it is created through nature or humans. It is the ability to inform, influence, create interest and ignite curiosity in people’s minds through multiple senses. Design makes life a lot easier to live in, just think if nothing in this world was designed.

Everyone I see and talk too influences me. Today most people don’t take the time to observe anymore, their lives are in overdrive and things just pass them by. Taking time to slow down to observe something and building on those experiences helped me to make certain decisions when I am solving visual problems.

I find myself constantly learning new skills and building upon them. I think I’ve worked on everything from print, web, motion graphics, animation, video editing, 3D modeling, etc. As long as there is change and progress in this world, there will always be new things for me to learn and grow from. The day I stop learning something new is the day I will probably retire. maybe…

Observe, make a choice and stick with your decision and follow through to the end. For better or worse live with it. Then adjust accordingly. That’s life, just a bunch of decisions.