Kenji Enos – Featured GCOM alumnus

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in Graphic Design, Inspiration
Kenji Enos – Featured GCOM alumnus

Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Animator, Typographer (did I leave any out?) and GCOM Alumnus Kenji Enos continues to amaze and delight with his ever expanding skills and talents. Kenji hung around here for quite some time, polishing his skills, and moved on to Sac State’s prestigious Graphic Design program and currently employment there full time.

See Kenji’s work at the below links, the breadth and depth of his visual work is inspiring, a feast for the eyes. Thank you Kenji and stay on the path you are on!


Elizabeth Display on Typography Served

Kenji Enos on Behance

HELL-O from Kenji Enos on Vimeo.


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